Come join UNC MSA's annual Fast-A-Thon! Fast-A-Thon is a campus-wide effort encouraging non-Muslims to experience a day of fasting.

MSA has contacted some local businesses, and for each person that fasts, those businesses will donate money to us in your name which we will pool together and donate to a local charity-- Urban Ministry in Durham, NC.

The fast will occur on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 from 5:22am to 7:34pm. NO FOOD OR DRINK can cross your throat until 7:34pm. For everyone who fasted, we extend an invitation to the Great Hall at 7:00pm on Wednesday so that everyone can break their fast together with free food!

The Fast-A-Thon is being co-sponsored with the following organizations:



We are also encouraging everyone to donate to our cause online by clicking the donate button to the right. We ask that you donate a minimum of $5, or however much you would have paid for lunch that day. All proceeds go to Urban Ministry for Project Downtown, an educational and food service program for the needy in Durham.


Pledge Agreement

I, ________________ pledge to go hungry for change. I pledge to willingly and joyfully participate in UNC MSA's annual Fast-a-Thon for the benefit of those going hungry everyday. I understand that I am pledging to abstain from all food and liquid during the daylight hours (5:22 am - 7:34 pm) of Wednesday, September 9th. I'm also going to try as much as possible to refrain from negative thoughts and speech. I don't have any medical conditions that would prohibit me from fasting, but in the unexpected and unlikely event that I should become ill or otherwise experience detrimental effects as a result of this fast, I will not hold MSA, or its members, or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill responsible.

This pledge form serves as your personal invitation to the Great Hall at 7:00 pm on Wednesday so that everyone can break their fast together with free food! We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, please email msafastathon(at)

Pledge Form


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